Our Still Kirby...

We get considerable gratification from the fact that we create very unique, signature flavours from our one-of-a-kind still named "Kirby", the first "legal" still to be designed and constructed in Nova Scotia. Designed by owners Owen Ritchie, Andrew Cameron, and family friend , Daniel McSparron, and fabricated by Daniel McSparron of Evolved Metalworks, this still is one-of-a-kind. Kirby is easily transformable from a pot still, for making spirits like rums and whiskies, or quickly interchangeable to a reflux or column still to create a very pure, high proof product for spirits like our vodkas, gins and moonshines.


Our First Still Kirby
Our hand made stills Kirby and Morgan

Our Still "Morgan"

Designed by owners Owen Ritchie, Andrew Cameron, and family friend , Daniel McSparron, and fabricated by Daniel McSparron of Evolved Metalworks, this still is one-of-a-kind. This piece of machinery has come to work hard, and we are here to put it to the test. Morgan has been designed to create our clear liquors more effectively, while maintaining the same smooth flavour.  The plan is now to move Kirby into our specialty still to start creation on our flavoured products, such as gin, rum, whiskey etc. New products coming soon!!!

Andrew Cameron

Andrew was born in Orillia, Ontario and also pursued a career in Commercial Diving. After graduating dive school in PEI, he moved to Halifax, where he began working as an inshore commercial diver for 7 years along side Owen Ritchie. Andrew fell in love with the charm and the rich history of Annapolis Royal and knew that this was the type of place that he wanted to call home. Joining Owen at the distillers course in Seattle, he then set out writing the business plan, memorizing taxation laws and generating all of the permits required to start the distillery. After a lot of dedication and long hours of juggling both a full time diving career and a new business start-up, Andrew couldn't be more pleased with their products and even more excited about what the future has

in store.

Favourite Base Spirit: Gin

Favourite Cocktail: The Arugula Gimlet

Andrew Cameron
Owen Ritchie

Owen Ritchie

Owen was born in Annapolis Royal, NS and always knew he wanted to come back to this community to raise a family. As a commercial diver for 8 years, Owen dedicated his life to a hardworking trade, and through this trade became a hobbiest with making his own flavours and recipes of spirits. After joining the Artisan Craft Distillers Institute in Seattle, Owen was able to fine tune his recipes and from here the dream blossomed. From assisting in the construction of the distillery to the construction of the still, Owen has given a new meaning to "hand crafted."

Favourite Base Spirit: Bourbon

Favourite Cocktail: Bourbon Smasher


Mathew Dagenais-Gaw

Mat joined the Still Fired team in June of 2016. Mat is a Nova Scotia native who lived in Eastern Passage and came from a Marine Engineering background. He has brought with him his engineering mindset and has strongly helped in streamlining productivity as well as aggravating Owen every step of the way. 

Favourite Base Spirit: Rye Whisky

Favourite Cocktail: Rye Old Fashioned


Mathew Dagenais-Gaw
Caleb Kearey-Moreland

Caleb Kearey-Moreland

Caleb was born in Toronto, Ontario (it wasn't his fault) and moved to Nova Scotia in February 2020. Caleb brings a very positive and comical personality and has extensive experience in the sales and culinary industry. Caleb is always thirsty and is fully willing to be the taste test dummy of Still Fired Distilleries. He has worked twenty jobs and lived twice as many lives, and making moonshine by the sea was a logical next step.

Favourite Base Spirit: Gin

Favourite Cocktail: Double Gin


Hooch the Pooch

Hooch was born in Deep Brook, Nova Scotia and has been a part of the Still Fired Team since June of 2017. Hooch has a background in identifying smells, warming furniture and boosting moral within the company. He is an expert personal greeter and brings a tail wagging passion to the company. 

Favourite Base Spirit: Water

Favourite Cocktail: Water in a stainless steel bucket


Hooch the Pooch with Mags
Irish Dan.jpeg

Daniel McSparron

Daniel McSparron, aka Irish Dan, is a family friend, who has been a pivotal part of the Still Fired Team. Dan is a welder / fabricator that borders on artist, when it comes to his metal work. Dan has fabricated everything from stills, to tanks to mash tuns etc. and shows great pride in his work. Click HERE to see his other projects.

Favourite Base Spirit: Any Alcohol
Favourite Cocktail: All of the Alcohol