Still Fired Merchandise and Gift Ideas

This page will help you decide from a few signature gift idea options that we have created by hand or hired locally to help us build them. Also if you are looking for some Still Fired Merchandise to add that little extra something to your gift, then we have that too! All products are available while supplies last, so hurry up and get yours now! #Drinkmoremoonshine

Award winning spirits

Still Fired Bottle Carriers

small moonshine carrier with rope.jpg

The open ended custom carrier is made by Hill Top Designs in Aylesford, NS.

The closed bottle carrier with rope handle is hand made by The Knotty Turner in Kingston, NS.

Carriers = $25.00 (each)

Moonshine Pack = $85.00

(The price includes, carrier and bottles)

taxes included in the price

Open 3 bottle carrier

Still Fired 50 ml 

Moonshine Sampler Pack

Not sure what to buy your favourite Moonshine enthusiast, then get this moonshine sampler pack so they can decide their favourite products all on their own. 

8 Bottle Sampler Pack - $34.95

(taxes included in price)

8 Bottle Sampler Pack

Still Fired Glassware

Custom Glassware

Nothing says "Drink more moonshine" then sipping a smooth spirit from a great glass. The tough heavy bottom 10 oz. tumbler is a great way to sip or chug our products, with a constant reminder of where it came from. The 1.75 oz. shot glass will add the perfect amount of spirit for cocktail mixing or shooting back your favourite moonshine.

Still Fired Tumbler - $10.00

Still Fired Shot Glass - $5.00

(taxes included in price)

Still Fired "Drink More Moonshine" T Shirts

Drink More Moonshine T Shirts

Who wouldn't want to wear a t shirt that celebrates the fact that you are a "true" moonshine enthusiast. With a slogan like that, you can make kind recommendations to friends, family, passers-by and friends you haven't even discovered yet. Drink More Moonshine People!

T shirts available in sizes Small - XXL:


(taxes included)

Drink More Moonshine T Shirts
Custom Still Fired Hats

Still Fired Hats

Grab one of the three colours of hats we now have available. Choose either grey, camo or olive green mesh back with an embroidered Still Fired patch sewn onto the front.

Still Fired Hats - $20.00

(taxes included in price)

Still Fired Distilleries is now a full line Yeti Dealer!

Yeti Mugs

Yeti - 14 oz Camping Mug

You wont find a tougher mug to take with you literally anywhere. Guaranteed to keep warm beverages warm, and cold drinks cold where ever your day takes you. The mug comes with an open style sipping lid and can be interchangeable with a magnet seal top.

Yeti Mugs - $29.99

(taxes not included)

Yeti Colster

Yeti - Colster

Literally designed for one thing - keeping you beer cold for as long as humanly possible. Lets face it, who likes warm beer? If you answered "No one, you fool" then you need to get yourself one of these.

Yeti Colster - $34.99

(taxes not included)

Yeti Ramblers

Yeti - Tumbler

If you were looking for the toughest coffee cup around, then you have found it. The tumbler is available in two sizes and comes in a variety of colours. It comes with a lid containing a removable magnetic seal strip to keep your warm or cold beverages in the bottle - it is not water tight but is very easy to clean!

Yeti Tumbler 20 oz. - $39.99

Yeti Tumbler 30 oz. - $44.99

(taxes not included)

Yeti Bottles

Yeti - Bottle

Do you want a bottle that can go anywhere, stand up to anything, and keep ice for up to 72 hours? If you answered yes then you need to get a Yeti Bottle. It is available in two sizes and a variety of colours, and has an interchangeable lid with a straw for those people who are too impatient to unscrew a lid... Lazy!

Yeti Bottle 18 oz. - $39.99

Yeti Bottle 26 oz. - $49.99

(taxes not included)

Yeti Low Ball

Yeti - 10 oz Lowball

Your hot and cold, alcoholic and non alcoholic compadre! This 10 oz. Lowball glass is great for beverages of all sorts, and comes with an elegant sipping lid that is also interchangeable with the magnet strip lid. This will ensure that you keep your fluids in the cup when riding around in rough equipment or on wild animals? 

Yeti Lowball 10 oz. - $21.99

(taxes not included)

Yeti Products

The Yeti Lineup

Couldn't find what you are looking for? Contact us for information on hard and soft Yeti coolers available as well as other accessories for your Yeti products. Don't believe the products are as tough as they claim? Then visit the Yeti website ... we dare ya! Check out the colour options, testimonials and the insane product testing requirements that Yeti products undertake at:

Drink More Moonshine - with Still Fired Distilleries and Yeti Products!

Please consume responsibly